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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kidsme Food Feeder

 hai u olz!

nk share perasaan kejakunan ini! hehehehe

berasa jakun pada benda nih:

Kidsme Food Feeder

pic credit : Tuan Google :)

ape mende nih?

Babies drool so much around three months of age because they are growing and developing. Stomach acid is neutralized by the saliva, the babies’ intestinal lining is further developed from all that drool, and heals the esophageal lining that may become very irritated from spitting up regularly. In addition, drool has special enzymes that will help babies begin to digest solid food when they start eating around four to six months of age. 

It is a developmental milestone that babies pass when they start solid foods. Kidsme™ Food Feeder is invented for babies to enjoy food without any food ending up in their hair or on the floor anyhow. It is also designed to prevent “choking” tragedies. There is no need for food to be pureed if the baby is 5 or 6 months of age or older. Simply cut the food into small pieces and put it in the Kidsme™ Food Feeder . Babies will feed themselves!

nak beli kat mane ?

 Kidsme Malaysia Online Baby Store

i dah beli sepasang u olz!

excited sgt!

padahal ayra mummy baru 3bulan setengah

bole tak nk bagi kat ayra mkn buah skrg?


al-kisah jumpa menda nih masa pergi Mother & Baby Expo Shah Alam
last week..


lepas koyak kat Baby Expo Mid Valley awal bulan nih..hohohohohoh

bulan ni je dah 2x ke baby expo dan koyakkkkkkkkk

asalnya pergi nk tgk2 jew


1 comment:

  1. Err if org dlu mmg awl dh bg mkn. Tp if ikut paed skrg advise 6bln br bg.. So skrg fully susu la ye smpi 6bln. Kalau boleh.. Unless dia tnjuk interest as early as 5month.. Bkn i yg xbg tp mmg recommended if u google pn by 6 hehe sbr ye mama