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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spa @ Embellish Spa , USJ taipan

last Saturday, I went to Embellish Spa at USJ , Taipan. this time i went there bcoz of The Dealmate voucher ;p.. normally once a month I will choose 1 spa to try. yes! usually Beauty Therapist will said ' its not good, bla bla..especially for facial'.. for me = suka hati aku lah!hahahahha.. watever!aku bukan person yang stick 1 spa every month..tapi preferable yang dekat dengan rumah mostly area Sunway, Subang & Taman Dato Harun.

talking about this spa, nothing special except for the treatment..for me its good treatment especially on massage. try to look for Elaine.. the massage & treatment is good-for me.. if u look fancy Spa.. here is not the place but its neat & clean. the decorations is really simple. and the products like massage oils is not famous sbb some spa dorang guna brand dorang sendiri cam Tanamera. they claims it halal- ye la minyak urut aromatic tuh selalunya lavender or other chemicals. oh ya! they not use organic or natural ingridents for scrub or mask. only common and normal spa stuffs. senang ckp semua chemicals. I can give credit for Elaine's PR & Arrangement-mmg sgt2 okay :), walaupn kau lambat dia tak akan ptong waktu treatment korang. kalau spa lain, lambat dtg appointment terus potong time treatmen, gitewwwwww sgt kan! ..

my opnion, its worth & good try but not return to the spa again. Bukan sbb tak bagus sbb nak try tempat lain pulak :)

Embellish Beauty & Health

5-2, 1st Floor , Jalan USJ 9/5P UEP ,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
03-8023 8978

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